Historically made in Italy, the vegetable tanned leather is a thousand-year-old art form in fashion industry. This luxuriously soft but extremely durable Alsego leather is such a piece of art we found. Under the eco-friendly production, the natural aspect of leather

is beautifully remained, as the users can experience in the unique grain pattern and tonal variations.


As a superlative material for bag/luggage crafting, the Alsego leather is thick enough to do both lined or unlined style and still with

a inimitably soft texture. Carrying a Alsego handbag around, you could experience a full and natural hand-feel as if you are

surrounded by the nature in Tuscany. And the finishing on leather surface with a waxy touch is fabulously pleasant.


When it comes to defining style, colour is always the key. In order to present a sense of European leisure style, Alsego colours like

honey, olive and tan are all very typical Italian colours that Tuscan tanneries have been specialized in dyeing since decades ago. 

The transparent colours and earth-tone scheme are simply the reasons why people can tell the difference. 


With great attention to details, a feeling of wearability and durability is presented in the collection. We aim to design bags that you can simply work, play, travel and live with everyday. Such fabulous bag forms are completed with the natural pebbled grain and vegetable tanned characteristics of Italian Alsego leather, which is perfect for both casual and formal pursuits in daily lives.

The aesthetic of Italian soft leather is something you can touch, smell, and actually feel.


602, Cosmos Building,

Lan Kwai Fong 8-11,

Central, Hong Kong


Tue to Sat: 1-7pm

* Sun to Mon by appointment


 A leathercraft label from the Garden of Eden, sincerely dedicated by our designer and leather artisans.
As a combination with creativity & craftsmanship, we design modern leatherware in response to classic.
To honour our commitment to high quality, all products are under limited productions that rely a lot on traditional artisanship, as the best way to partner with our natural full grain vegetable tanned leather.

The joy we found along leathercrafts truly matters, sharing with you would be our greatest satisfaction.

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Office: 602, Cosmos Building,  Lan Kwai Fong 8-11,  Central, H.K.

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