The Royal Family


Well known by the heritage tanning methods and extraordinary durability, bridle leather has been dedicated to the British Royal Family for saddle products over the centuries. Concerning the safety of the riders or Royal Family Members, the exclusively vegetable tanned

bridle leather is considered the most enduring and toughest leather on earth, with luxurious appearance and cultural heritage.  


Over the centuries, each piece of bridle is hand finished with beewax, fat & tallow (as the secret formula) by experienced craftsman in England.

It takes ancient undergound tanning trenches (built centuries ago) which only the last two remain in the world today. These two old tanneries remain very limited production every year since it takes a lot of time (half-a-year long tanning process) and manpower to carry around

and switch the leather between trenches (that contain different tannin concentrations) in traditional way.   


The signature wax on leather can be turned into a high sheen by rubbing with a cloth or buffing with a brush. On the other hand, the wax would slowly be absorbed and get leather polished naturally after use, as a characteristic result of usage. Such wax is not only attractive to look at,

but also functional enough to protect the leather from rain, as it is originally made for saddles to survive the poor weather in England.


Bridle leather reinforces the portrayal of the inimitable spirit of British Gentleman. Its style stands the test of time with world-class quality.

Holding a piece of bridle is like holding a piece of history. There is so much more behind every single piece of bridle leather goods.

This is how bridle leather represents one's identity with such sense of taste.






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 A leathercraft label from the Garden of Eden, sincerely dedicated by our designer and leather artisans.
As a combination with creativity & craftsmanship, we design modern leatherware in response to classic.
To honour our commitment to high quality, all products are under limited productions that rely a lot on traditional artisanship, as the best way to partner with our natural full grain vegetable tanned leather.

The joy we found along leathercrafts truly matters, sharing with you would be our greatest satisfaction.

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