From sourcing, designing, pattern & sample making, leather cutting, sewing & trimming, edge painting & polishing,... to final packaging, it takes great force and experience of creative designer and professional craftsmen. Unlike the fast fashion industry, it takes months just to order the best quality Italian leather in our custom-made colour, and few months more to finish the labour intensive crafts, not to mention how difficult it is to work with the costly natural vegetable tanned leather (each piece of leather comes with unpredictably different scars, marks, veins and wrinkles). But we never compromise on it becasuse the aesthetic of vegetable tanned leather goods with desired quality is irresistible. And vegetable tanned leather is the only leather kind that would age beautifully with use over time and environmentally friendly.

With strong attention to details, we aim to create fasinating leather goods that is durable, functional, precisely made and time-tested. Like the bespoke tailor, we go through so many processes just for a balanced silhouette, a flattering line, or a perfectly proportioned look. But that is just not enough. We still need YOU to complete the leather good, by telling your story with the scratch on it, by making your own history with the fading on it.


602, Cosmos Building,

Lan Kwai Fong 8-11,

Central, Hong Kong


Tue to Sat: 1-7pm

* Sun to Mon by appointment


 A leathercraft label from the Garden of Eden, sincerely dedicated by our designer and leather artisans.
As a combination with creativity & craftsmanship, we design modern leatherware in response to classic.
To honour our commitment to high quality, all products are under limited productions that rely a lot on traditional artisanship, as the best way to partner with our natural full grain vegetable tanned leather.

The joy we found along leathercrafts truly matters, sharing with you would be our greatest satisfaction.

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Office: 602, Cosmos Building,  Lan Kwai Fong 8-11,  Central, H.K.

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