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Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana


Our leather is proudly imported from the world's most influential Italian leather association CONSORZIO VERA PELLE in Tuscany, where the best vegetable tanned leather could be made under the Mediterranean climate. Only the top 22 tanneries are qualified to meet the high standard & issue the individual serial number certificate card that provided with each of our products inside the package. 


To meet such high standard, the leather must be tanned with specific plants only available in Tuscany (the best natural tannins on earth, due to the unique Mediterranean climate there), with the ancient tanning technique dating back to 4th century B.C. in Italy. 

Vegetable tanned is a time-tested method to produce the best leather in history. Such natural tanning method(Eco-friendly) takes 3 months to convert a raw hide into leather of desired quality(durable, smell great and colour ages beautifully) while other chemical tanning methods 

(harmful to human & environment) only take 3 hours to do it but in poor quality(fragile, chemicals smell, colour doesn't age but fade only).

So this slow and high-cost method is the only way to produce the only kind of leather that we want in our products.


The trademark certificates guarantee that the premium leather is produced entirely eco-friendly and sustainable based on below principles:


1.  All substances would easily be recovered, recycled and reused. (Even the hair on hides would be used on producing brushes)

2.  No animal is killed for its skin, as all raw hides are by-product discarded by food industry in Europe.


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' The more you use, the better it looks. '

The aesthetic of vegetable tanned leather is that it ages beautifully after use. The colour & shine will change over time according to

individual usage. Natural colour(new) would develope into honey brown(used 6 months) and dark brown(over 2 years). 

All changes on your leather goods will record your own way of living. 

Every single scratch and fading will represent your story.

This is how your past goes with you,

into everyday of your future.  




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