【 White Whale & Co. x Made In Eden 2021 聯乘企劃序章 】


糅合White Whale & Co.對古著的認識及美學與Made In Eden對皮具製作的專業及經驗。現推出本年度首回聯乘

White Whale & Co. x Made In Eden  Military Tote  


設計靈感源於60年代的經典戶外布袋款式,再於手挽、間隔、側袋設計與皮革包邊工藝上,加以改良及增強耐用度。經過多次商洽及修訂,現設計出既切合現代人性的日常需要,又保留經典款式美感的Military Tote。







Putting together the level of knowledge in vintage styles by White Whale & Co. and expertise in leathercrafts by Made In Eden, here we proudly present the 1st episode of the collaboration — Military Tote


Inspired by the classic outdoor tote in 1960's, we refine the form and have adjustments in handle, partitions ,added side compartments and leather trimmed for reinforcements. After an exhausting yet satisfying development process and modifications, this Military Tote is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional for modern day use.


Military Tote is a perfect combination of functionality and elegancy. Using authentic tent fabric from 1960's U.S. ARMY in Vietnam War, it is water resistant in high performance. Featuring the natural vegetable tanned leather with luxurious brown hue, this tote is a combination of military, function, outdoor and artisanship. All there for owners to enjoy, and develop the beautiful patina through age and sun exposure.


Classic design with a modern twist.

Vintage U.S. ARMY fabric in limited quantity.

White Whale & Co. x Made In Eden Military Tote