BRIDLE Zip Wallet

BRIDLE Zip Wallet
BRIDLE Zip Wallet
BRIDLE Zip Wallet
BRIDLE Zip Wallet
BRIDLE Zip Wallet
BRIDLE Zip Wallet
BRIDLE Zip Wallet

BRIDLE Zip Wallet

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In addition to its renowned durability, British Bridle Leather is known for its distinctive white bloom effect on the leather surface.

This white powder comes from a traditional formula of beeswax and oils that has been used in British Bridle Leather production for centuries. It is applied by hand and allowed to dry, enhancing the leather's strength to withstand the pulling force of horses, meeting the durability requirements for bridle materials.

Another benefit is the waterproofing effect of the white wax. In the constantly rainy and snowy conditions of the UK, the leather gear would become damp and dry repeatedly, causing the oils to evaporate and leaving the leather prone to cracking. Therefore, the hand-rubbed white wax on the surface of British Bridle Leather provides protection against wind and rain.


The Y-shaped design on the back of the bridle leather long wallet is intended to create a deep compartment with expandable thickness, specifically designed to accommodate the "card slot."

Standard cards are as long as 9cm, which is 5mm longer than regular credit cards, causing them to wrinkle when placed in typical card slots.Our specially designed "card slot" provides ample and reliable protection, allowing you to confidently present a crisp business card.


❏ British Bridle Leather, luxurious & exclusive from UK
❏ World known heritage and extraordinary durability
❏ Dedicated to British Royal Family for saddle products
❏ Unique wax finish to protect the product from rain and poor weather in UK, as the signature of Bridle
❏ Leather polished naturally(wax absorbed) after used
❏ Representing one's identity with such sense of taste


❏ Revolutionary slim(0.7cm) design for jacket's inner pocket
❏ Luxurious British Bridle Leather with world-class durability
❏ 1 exclusively designed business card pocket in front
❏ 5 inner card slots & 1 inner compartment
❏ 1 zip bill/coin pocket with tartan lining
❏ 1 outer smart card pocket at the back
❏ High-end Riri zipper made in Switzerland
❏ Unisex leather good
❏ Gift box packaging
❏ W18.5 x H10 x D0.7cm

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