Tan Infinity-back Braces

Tan Infinity-back Braces
Tan Infinity-back Braces
Tan Infinity-back Braces
Tan Infinity-back Braces
Tan Infinity-back Braces
Tan Infinity-back Braces

Tan Infinity-back Braces

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- 25mm width elastic fabric with the famous infinity-back construction

- Exclusive, limited production every season for the most desired quality

- Handmade in England with time-honoured techniques

- Heritage British craftsmanship & traditions since 1820 

- Full grain vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany, Italy


"I had gone straight to my tailor on Savile Row and purchased half a dozen pairs of Thurston braces in case they might be in short supply."
​Sir Ralph Richardson, 1939 (WWII) 

The story started back to 1820 in  Haymarket, London, where Albert Thurston began to manufacture the first known modern day braces. ​​

By 1851, Thurston had made a name for himself with the exclusive design and superior craftsmanship. As his handmade braces received an Honourable Mention for the excellent standard(see the  above illustration) in the Great Exhibition which was hold in Hyde Park. 

Since then, Albert Thurston braces have been very popular among royalty, statesmen and upper class gentleman. In fact, during the entire Victorian era, braces were the best way for a gentleman to keep his trousers aloft. Just like Oscar Wilde mentioned in his sartorial wisdom, "it is from the shoulders and the shoulders alone, that all garments should be hung." 

From fabric cutting, leather stitching,... to the hardware installing , they only use time-honoured traditions and techniques in order to take quality,  provenance and British craftsmanship  seriously. Most artisans work there with knowledge, passion and expertise over 2 decades.

As the goal is to create authentic & investment braces that are built to last, finest materials are also the key feature. Luxury textile like pure silk is woven on an exceptional jacquard loom in Devon, England.  And the durable, eco-friendly vegetable tanned  leather is sourced from  the world known heritage and quality tanneries area in Tuscany, Italy. Such 100% natural leather parts would age beautifully after used.

Beside worn by the kings, princes, presidents, entrepreneurs and prime ministers, Albert Thurston braces have been spotted on actors in countless Hollywood films over the years. Especially those braces seen in Godfather(1972), Wall Street(1987), American Psycho(2000), Titanic(1997), The Great Gatsby(2013) and Daniel Craig's 007 series (2006-2021) are all very remarkable in gentleman styling. ​


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