Mold Remover

Mold Remover
Mold Remover
Mold Remover
Mold Remover

Mold Remover

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-The best leather care product ever invented.

-250ml Mold Remover eliminates the surface stain, resists further growth of mold

-Formulated for the removal of mold, returning the leather to its original condition



1. Dampen a soft cloth with Mold Remover and gently rub the area to be treated.

2. Repeat this procedure after 24 hours if necessary.

3. If the mold has been present for a long time, it might be necessary to re-color the leather.

4. Clean with Leather Cleaner to remove any trace of residue left by Mold Remover.

5. Apply Leather Protector with a cloth and wipe gently using circular movements. 


*Please test try in small area first, in case it removes colour from leather surface.

*Do not use on suede or nubuck.

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